My Mozilla Contribution Story as WoMoz – #IWD2016

Dorothydaf MozillaRep/MentorMy name is Dorothee Danedjo Fouba.
I am a Tech Community Builder, a Multimedia Journalist, Media Education’ Engineer and Blogger.
When I was 10 I wanted to be my own boss and to save life through medicine.
I start contributing to Mozilla in September 2014 when I was incubated at Mozilla Offices in Silicon Valley during the Techwomen program.
I work as a Mozilla Rep/Mentor and Campaign Manager helping organizing communities in Cameroon and Africa by teaching and doing advocacy on different initiatives and programs provided at Mozilla.
I am proud of Mozillians involved in Cameroon&Africa because of their great achievements and results. I am also proud of organizations and communities who have all contributed to my personal and professional growth. It’s a good blessing to share leadership skills, networking experiences, training tools&technics and to get back great results and big communities from People sensitized.
The biggest obstacle I have faced was bridging the gap between my literary background and appropriating STEM like coding skills and practices. Adding to that It was a big challenge to move toward french and english system. Hopefully I am from a country which use these two languages as officials, but have more than 200 local languages.
My inspiration at Mozilla has increased after meeting 4 wonderful women: Larissa Brown Shapiro, Lizz Noonan, Emma Irwin and Mitchell Baker. People I met in some Mozilla advocacy and sensitization events I organized in my country and region also inspired me. They helped me to try to be better than now and to adjust my thinking and projects.
My advice to women is seize the opportunity, take the risk! Don’t be afraid on beginning a new challenge. You need to be focused on your objectives, Try to learn by listening to others, Update your mindset every time after being in contact with inspiring and experienced people, Stay humbled and have&keep faith in God.

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  1. Julie Lando dit :

    salut madame! je vous admire. je vous connais depuis l’année passée par ce que j’ai participé à technovation et j’ai été invité à un évènement à l’université de yaoundé 1 où les femmes qui ont réussi comme vous nous ont raconté leur parcours et vous étiez là. je viens encore de vous voir à la télé. je suis étudiante maintenant et je veux aussi réussir comme vous!

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