Njorku.com in 7 points

This is an interview of the founder of Njorku.com, a Cameroonian aggregator on employment.

Churchill Mambe Nanje1 . Churchill Mambe Nanje, what must we know about Njorku.com?

Njorku.com is a job search, career and human resource platform for Africans worldwide. It aggregates all job sources in Africa and provide and easy interface for candidates to search, browse and apply for jobs within minutes.”

2. What are the conditions to have access to job offers on your Website?

“To gain access to the jobs you can visit the web site or the mobile site which are all 100% free at www.njorku.com or njorku.com/mobile “.Logo Njorku

3. If the visitor of Njorku.com is an employer, can he publish an offer on your platform?

“We dont yet have the platform for employers but our team is actively engineering the platform which will entail a lot of things to make the life of employers easier and also , faster the employers can post jobs, faster the candidates can apply and get jobs.

4. Concretely, how can anyone make profit with this type of platform?

“You mean anyone as in the business share holders or the employers or candidates anyway there are a lot of ways people will be using the platform to make money by providing middle man services between employers and the platform or candidates and the platform”

5. Churchill Mambe Nanje, we know that you are the promoter of Afrovision group and creator of another Website named Camerborn.com, in which this new website differs from the other one?

camerborn picCamerborn.com is a social media platform for Cameroonians to connect online and get to share our national cultures alongside networking for many things including seeking jobs or business. So Njorku.com and Camerborn.com are complementary platforms for Cameroonians worldwide.”

6. Don’t you have fear to see one of your products abandoned with regard to the other one?

“No I am not scared that one of my products get dropped support wise overtime while focus goes to the most profitable… This is a common practice in the internet age… web companies launch products randomly and drop those that don’t catch fire. So in similar sense, I will gladly do the same. But for Camerborn and Njorku they have different management and partners. I work with hence the work load will be shared and the projects will be a success or failure depending on the effectiveness of the separate teams.”

7. Finally what advice could you give to young Cameroonian developers who would like to create a start up like your’s?

“My advice is that they should take their time in whatever idea they have because, it takes years of constant trying for a developer to see success with a product.”

NB: Njorku signifie Elephant dans la langue maternelle de son concepteur. Lancé il y a quelques mois au Cameroun, cet agrégateur d’offres d’emplois, collecte et diffuse après recherche des résultats d’offres d’emploi gratuitement aux internautes. Churchill Mambe Nanje son promoteur présente (en français) son site web dans cet élément sonore.

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