Crowdfunding in Africa: the story is coming…soon

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Voici la bande annonce de l’article de datajournalisme que « A multimedia Journalist’ Blog » publie dans quelques jours sur le financement participatif en Afrique dans le cadre de African Story Challenge- Business and Technology Cycle. Il sera bilingue (French&English) et interactif.  Hope you will love it. Merci de votre apport inconditionnel!

Pour en savoir plus: Mon dernier Post sur la question en septembre 2014.

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When lightning talks are opening open access to a helpful Internet

On October 13th, 2014, Mozilla held an event related to the Techwomen Program

IMG_3223 Mozilla Corporation, San Francisco office…few minutes passed 7PM. A soft voice, a female one is on the microphone. About 70 participants are there, listening to this voice, silently. It’s the voice of a wonderful woman: Haben Girma. She’s 25 years old and deafblind. Haben is doing everyday disability rigths advocacy. The Mini-biography of this woman explains that « During her time as a student, Business Insider ranked her among the 21 Most Impressive Students at Harvard Law School, and the White House recognized her as a Champion of Change. Haben currently serves as a Skadden Fellowship Attorney at Disability Rights Advocates, a non-profit law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of people with disabilities around the country. As a member of DRA’s team in Berkeley, California, Haben works to improve access to education for students with disabilities.« . At this event, she was talking about how to improve skills of people with disabilities by using digital tools and Internet. She began directly an inspiration for the Techwomen Emerging Leaders attending this meeting.

Inspirational Talks

Others Speakers were there, talking about the advocacy for an open access to Internet. Larissa Shapiro and David Steer from Mozilla Corporation (San Francisco Bay area office) demonstrated that lot of opportunities existing for women in tech ought to improve their carriers and work. For example, in Open Source field,women have the possibility to get internship when call for applications are launched, like this one for the Open Web Fellows program. In the other hand, Leah Symekher, Konstantin Kalaidtzidis and Michael Snell were talking about opportunities and activities of the Internet Society Network (ISOC) in general and the ISOC SFBay Area Chapter. Additionaly, Rachel Leventhal from the Women’s Peer to Peer Network was thinking on how to build « hackerspaces » that are safe, supportive of and inclusive for women and also how to help women with limited technical access and literacy in Africa. One of the 2014 Techwomen Emerging Leader from Cameroon has shared her own struggle to be in STEM field.

Impact on the Techwomen community

The participants feel happy and inspired to be part of this meetup. An interactive exchange with speakers took place. All the event is on this video.

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Inside the 2014 Techwomen Emerging Leaders Program

IMG_2926Techwomen is an Initiative of the US department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, which empowers, Connect and support Women around the world, who are leaders in STEM fields. By STEM, you should understand: Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As a Techwoman Emerging Leader from Cameroon, I (Dorothée Danedjo Fouba) really appreciate this opportunity in USA, with amazing and wonderful Techwomen mentors and mentees.

IMG_2902I’m hosted by a big Open Source company in the world: Mozilla Corporation. Every weeks of this month in San Francisco and Mountain View Offices, I’ll improve my skills in Open source, digital tools, webmarketing, managing a Tech community and more interesting things there. I began by learning how to blog with The Open Standard platform, one of new babies products of Mozilla for Journalists and Blogger. At the end of this program, I expect to be more professional than now in STEM fields and want to come back to my country with a prototype of a multimedia teaching platform I have in Project since 2013. A platform which can help African journalists, Communicators and Startup-ers to have some free and open source tutorials and online tools for their work.
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African Story Challenge StoryCamp for finalists in Business and Technology

logo african story challengeThe African Story Challenge finalists for Business and Technology and Health and Development categories are enjoying a Training Worshop in Marrakech( Morocco) up to August 15th.

In the link below, you can follow by live tweets this StoryCamp.


Live Blog Live report on StoryCamp- August 2014


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Cameroon is leading a #BringBackOurGirls Campaign

IMG_1257A #BringBackOurGirls campaign and manifestation take place in Yaounde-Cameroon on 16th May 2014. Lead by the Civil Society Advisory Group of the UN Women Cameroon, this advocacy manifestation talks about the rights of the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in Northern Nigeria. Women and Girls being part of this campaign demand the immediate and unconditional release of the girls. Listen to the podcast of their declaration (English and French).

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After the declaration, women and girls signed a petition and gave it to the Nigerian Ambassador to Cameroon, Hadiza Mustapha. However the #BringBackOurGirls campaign by Cameroonians is more visible in social media and website.



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